One GIS Pte Ltd(Singapore) 签约隽永东方设计工作室。

What the OneGIS  all about?

One GIS Pte Ltd(One GIS) is a GIS services provider which focuses on the application and services related with GIS industry.
One GIS provides GIS data processing tools, 3D data visualization application and Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) for the industries which is related with GIS, such as geology and geo-technology.
As a technology service provider, One GIS provide whole solution to assists customers to build their own GIS working space.


Who are the folks work at the OneGIS?

One GIS was set up by a group of passionate people who have the same dream: GIS Change the World.

Many staff of One GIS have more than 5 years working experience in GIS. They are familiar with most popular GIS software, such as Esri, Geo-Magic, Mapinfo and so on. They keep in studying in GIS, most the lead team had the master or above degree.


What kind of services does One GIS provide?

CoreValueOne GIS provides lots of GIS related services, including 4D data processing(DLG,DOM,DEM,DRG), GIS database setup, data exchange and migration.

Besides, One GIS provides whole solution from the real world to 3D models.