A few days ago wrote an Ultimate WordPress SEO ☞ WordPress Website Optimization Guide tutorials, which accelerated the website section describes WordPress classic w3 total cache This plug the power, this tutorial Take w3 total cache with Max CDN full speed for WordPress site theme to explain.

Let’s take a look at the studio website with Max CDN acceleration, use the Firefox Google page speed plug test scores obtained by the site speed, screenshot below:


From the graph we can see that after the site has been optimized, the test scores obtained was 94 points, the score be a pretty good score, indicating the google search engine load faster on this site will have a good performance, naturally, the side effects of the weight of the site and ranking.

CDN acceleration mentioned, the current market for CDN dazzling array of products, free charges are, then whether free to use the free enough? My personal opinion is that, there is no absolutely free lunch, free CDN those either not stable enough, or there will be advertising popups, and then, or is hidden sexual conduct induced consumption, etc., if purely for learning to use CDN structures methods and principles, then apply for a free play no problem, but if it is to be used to really give their own businesses stand full speed, it was suggested to buy a paid CDN, here we chose Max CDN On the one hand many nodes, fast and stable, and then on the one hand is the price affordable, economical package down only as long as 39 dollars a year, if you enter coupon code, for example, I found this coupon code: Use “MaxCDNcoupon” to GET 25% off! disposable you can also save 25%, reduced to 29 dollars, and of course the second year renewals should or need to renew original. Well, to continue our tutorial, first you have to register and buy a Max CDN, the purchase and registration process is very simple, the official website is:, just a little bit of English knowledge that can pay online credit card users are easily You can buy down, not repeat them here, buy a good account later, as shown below Click Creat Pull Zone


Out of the pages inside, you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Pull Zone Name: The name can be any three or more letters, no spaces
  • Origin Server URL: need to include the http://
  • Custom CDN Domain: you can use any two domain names such as:
  • Label: any introductory text
  • Compression: Enable this proposal can reduce bandwidth consumption


Fill out the above options later point create the future, you will see a green line prompt text that tells you need to parse an alias record to like this address ******. ****** *****. please copy this address into Notepad inside the reserve, and then click to enter the pull zone management interface.

Then click on “Settings” to enter into the Custom Domains interface.


Respectively, as shown in this screen to enter multiple CDN alias record.


Once filled out these values ​​after the update directly point enough.

The next step inside you need to log in to your domain name resolution to resolve four inside panel shown above alias record, the value is the previously mentioned resolution that allows you to record the URL into Notepad, this resolution process is very simple If there are problems, you can refer to this article describes eNom domain name resolution tutorial: whmcs platform for original American enom DNS tutorial MaxCDN this point you have completed the setup, let us begin to do for WordPress set up, first Of course your WordPress site must be installed w3 total cache This plug and do some conventional configuration, the specific configuration process is not difficult, not in this to say, after this plugin is enabled in the default configuration of the General global options on the right middle part of the place to find the CDN configuration, select the configuration as follows:


Save it for later, and then click to enter CDN single configuration option, this configuration page requires you to enter API ID, API Key and Custom domain and other information.


You can go to MaxCDN management background as shown below where access to API and other information,


Then remember to use your server’s IP CDN MaxCDN are added to the whitelist go inside, otherwise they will be prompted to deny access, well after all of these settings, you can click w3 total cache on the above figure sheets Test NetDNA shown that button for testing, if the display Test passed, then that’s it.

Expect to see MaxCDN accelerated performance after you, then visit the site with Firefox, and then use a tool like firebug detect current site All images and CSS styles such as whether the file path into a similar -content/uploads/2012/12/New_Eastern_Design_Studio_QR_code.png this address, if it is to explain the current site and all images and JS files are cached CSS files to MaxCDN server, the site has been a very good full speed effect.

近期对东方设计工作室网站进行了一系列的优化和完善,全面提升网站整体表现和用户体验,为了配合工作室全球化战略发展目标,针对网站上线了MaxCDN,全面提升网站载入速度,提升工作室品牌形象,详情请点击相关改进教程:W3 total cache 结合 Max CDN 为您的WordPress站点全面提速