Carine Araujo (Experts Marketplace Applications) Mar 23, 17:59 EDT

Hi Eastdesign team,

Congratulations on your successful application and welcome to the Experts Marketplace!

We are extremely excited to have you join us on our journey to provide exceptional experiences between experts and merchants.

During our vetting process we were very impressed with the potential that you demonstrated to make an impact within our marketplace.

Shopify caters to a lot of entrepreneurs, many of them are in the early stages of their entrepreneurship journey. You are expected to be able to not only tackle large projects, but smaller requests as well to assist merchants at all phases within their journey.

We take the integrity of the marketplace very seriously and we need to ensure that our partners are operating within our terms and guidelines. Please ensure that you take the time to thoroughly review our onboarding documentation and guidelines in our forums when they become available to you.

The Experts Marketplace is full of opportunity from all types of merchants and every partner was brought in to fill a current or future gap. You will be starting out your journey on the marketplace with less history than most of our current experts. This is why we’ve created a forum designed to help you master the marketplace and discuss best practices between each other.

While there is a great deal of opportunity for you to be successful on Experts Marketplace, please note that the marketplace is experiencing a growth phase. You were selected due to your ability to perform outstanding service work for merchants outside of the typical Shopify channels.

We realize that you are being onboarded during a difficult and uncertain time. COVID-19 has the world taking extreme but necessary measures in order to ensure public safety. We know that some of the people hit hardest by this include our merchants and partners. We want to take this time to say that the Experts Marketplace team is working hard to ensure that your businesses and the businesses of our merchants are kept afloat as we continue to navigate the uncertainty together. Shopify as a whole released its response to COVID-19 here, and has introduced a number of initiatives and product changes in order to assist merchants and ultimately, the Shopify ecosystem. We are currently recommending the marketplace to merchants that may need to change their businesses to adapt to the pandemic. Please ensure that you are able to take on this merchant demand prior to setting up your profile.

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